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Jesus went up to the cross and he took away my sin
Then he went out to the deep blue ocean and he dropped them in.
Every bad thing in my past went down, down, down
And he put up a little sign so they never could be found.

It said, “No Fishin’, No Fishin’, No Fishin’ here!”
I’ve got a new way of living, I’m forgiven,
No fishin’ here.

Now the devil has a big old hook and he wants to reel me in
And he wants to fish on the bottom of the ocean and bring up all my sin.
But Jesus tells him it will be a cold day where you live
‘Cause this one here belongs to Me and every sin I will forgive.

Now brothers and sisters hear me out ‘cause I think you know I’m right.
We’re quick to judge and we hold a grudge and we fuss and fight.
But Jesus wants me to forgive you the way that he does me
No fishin’ poles no fishin’ holes just peace and harmony.