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Way out west, there’s a little lizard
He lives way out in the middle of the desert
We all usually just call him the Horn Toad.
He’s got a wide, flat, spiny little body,
His head has horns and his legs are kind of squatty,
It’s fun watching him run down the road.

He does the Horn Toad Shuffle
Yeah, he’s really out there putting on a show!
He does the Horn Toad Shuffle
Look at that little lizard go!

He’s just a real cute, harmless little creature
With tiny little claws and scaly little features.
He’ll lay all of the day in the warm sun.
Well he’s really not a toad, you’ll never see him jumping
But when he gets to moving, man, he’s really something.
He can’t fly and he won’t try, but he can run.

Hey! Come on, ya’ll! Everybody do it,
The Horn Toad Shuffle, there’s nothing to it.
Whatever it takes just come up with your own style.
Put your arms out like your gonna show your muscles
Move ‘em up and down, yeah, you really got to hustle
That’s right, now we’re rocking like the reptiles!