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Have you every noticed, have you ever seen
The way that you look when you’re talking real mean?
Your teeth start gnashing and your face gets all red,
And your eyes look like they’ll pop out of your head

But, hey guys, here’s a way to look handsome.
And girls, here’s a way to look pretty and unique.
It’s not the clothes you wear or the way you comb your hair,
It’s all in the way that you speak.

Talk nice to your brother and sister.
Talk nice to your mother and dad.
Think twice before you say a bad word.
You look so much better when you don’t look mad.

Talk nice to your friends on the playground.
Talk nice to your teachers at school.
It’s a bright, golden opportunity
For you and me to practice that ol’ Golden Rule.

Here’s some advice that will help you in life,
Whenever you talk, talk nice.

Well, it’s not easy to do, and I have no doubt
That you’ve gotten so mad that you just stuck your tongue out.
Please listen to me, no matter your age
When you speak with your tongue, be sure your brain is engaged.

‘Cause you see folks, your words can make someone feel special
And your words can make someone’s day.
But your words can also make someone feel awful.
So please, please, please be careful what you say.

Talk nice to your sons and your daughters.
Talk nice all you mamas and dads.
Hold them tight and make them feel special.
Say, “you’re the best kid a parent could have.”

Talk nice when you ring someone’s doorbell.
Talk nice when you answer the phone.
Sugar and spice can make things taste better
So sprinkle a little love in your tone.