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I’m too small to drive a car.
Even if I tried I wouldn’t get very far.
I can’t see above the dashboard
And my feet don’t reach the brakes.
If I drove my dad would have a heart attack, for goodness sake!

I’m too small to shop for clothes.
Mama buys me some of these and some of those.
But I can make decisions when it comes to doing right.
And I stand pretty tall when I stand up for Jesus Christ.

‘Cause I’m big enough to stand up for Jesus.
Yes, I’m big enough to sing and pray.
Yes, I’m big enough to stand up for Jesus.
And I’ll stand up for Jesus every day.

Sometimes this world can seem so big.
Grown-ups look like tall tall trees and I’m just a twig.
I can’t go in to the grocery store all by myself.
If I did I’d probably buy up all the candy on the shelf.

Every day I’m growing strong,
And I can tell the difference between right and wrong.
Jesus fed five thousand with five loaves and just two fish.
He’ll do bigger things with me than I could ever wish.